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Derive insights from open source repositories and their contributors to

recruit talent
identify trends
ensure license compliance
highlight dependencies
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A developer score you can trust

Understanding a developers contributions to OSS is hard. Get the information that matters in 1min or less.

Insights that allow you to build rapport and move fast on candidates. Winning or losing a candidate is a race: move faster than your competitors.

Identify hidden gems that are being ignored by other technical recruiters.

We’ve done the hard work for you

We analyzed and downloaded the data

We downloaded every open source repository available that uses git as version control system. 
We analyzed every commit and pull request and classified every line of code by type - comment, test, logic.

We’ve assigned a score to contributions

We apply a scoring system that weights the value of each contribution differently depending on the popularity of the repository and when it was done.

We ranked programming experience

We stack ranked all contributors globally - more than 25M- to deliver an objective percentile assessment of the developer skills. 
We evaluated domain expertise in programming languages and experience using specific ecosystems.

A developer score you can trust

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